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Creative Services

Web Design

We specialize in listening to and understanding your individual needs, then using that information to design high-quality, attractive websites. We pride ourselves on the work we do and aim to exceed your expectations. The ever changing web can be difficult to understand and keep up with, and while we don't pretend to know everything, we believe we can help create the perfect site for you and your company. Contact us today.

Website Make-over

Already have an existing website but would like a more contemporary look? We've successfully redesigned other websites with great success. From mild updates to a whole new look, we can help improve your site's functionality, aesthetic appeal, web presence, and give you the ability to track it's statistics.

Logo Design

A company's logo is the most important part of visual recognition. It allows people to see it at a glance and know which company it belongs to. Much like how a “swish” instantly calls to mind Nike and when we see a red bullseye we associate it with Target. We can create a new logo or rework an exiting one to bring your company up to date in the competitive market.

Branding Kit

When it comes to keeping with a consistent image, there is much more to it than a company logo. A branding kit gives your company a helpful guide match colors, fonts, and styles to maintain that consistency. Whether its a business card, clothing, or promotional video, we can make sure your projects come across as being professional and consistent, while building brand recognizably.


Looking to offer clients/customers photos of what your company has to offer? With strong background in digital photography, we can capture photos that will help enhance your web or print project. Stock photography is an option, but custom photos of your products will give it that personal touch.

Development Services

Website Development

We realize that your website will be updated in the future, so we work to produce useable code and an organized file structure, so that it's easy possible for it changed and updated. This organization makes it possible for customers to make changes on their own instead of contacting us or spending additional money on developers whenever they want to update or change something.

Website Maintenance

If you already have a website and aren't looking for a complete redesign, just some maintenance, we can help. From basic text updates to entirely new pages, we can help update your site. We offer different contracts from one time maintenance to monthly packages.

Search Engine Optimization

Being able to find your website on a search engine such as Google is critical for increasing traffic to your site. We can optimize your website to improve its page rank on any of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That way when relevant keywords are entered your site shows up in the results higher than page 31.

Blog Implementation

A blog is an excellent way for you to be able to quickly, easily and regularly post news and updates about your site. We can implement a blog that conforms to your site's design, and will allow you to post your own articles and media. With a variety of features such as a commenting system you can moderate you can make your website an interactive experience for your visitors.

Social Media

Social media has become one of the most important tools for promoting your business. We can help your account stand out by creating graphics and color schemes to conform with your site's design, creating a stronger visual link to your company and building brand identity. Just need an attractive cover image? We can do that too.

Validating / Usability Testing

Valiadting and UseablityIt's important that your website works properly across the many platforms. Our quality control validates and checks browser compatibility so that everyone who visits your site sees it the way its intended to be seen, and that everything works properly.

Advertising Services

Banner Ads

Sector329graphics can create banners and banner ads for your product, website, or company. We're experienced in creating a variety of sizes and styles with both aimated and static graphics. Whether you're looking to promote your company or just want a new banner for your website, we have just the thing for you.

Web / Print Ads

In addition to web advertising, we also offer print ads. If you're looking to take out ad space in a magazine, newspaper, or any other print publication, we can create quality advertisements that will help promote your company and your product.

Business Cards

While web advertising is becoming more and more important in promoting your company, being able to hand out a tangible company identification remains a crucial aspect of promoting your business. Over the years we have created many stylish business cards for happy customers. Let us create one for you!

Analytics / Tracking

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track your site traffic in great detail; from geographical location to amount of time visitors spend on a site to the technology your audience uses. We automatically install Analytics into every website we make and offer a free training session so you can make the most of its powerful tools.

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